Vote for DANIEL!!! {my fierce nephew}

Hi everyone! I have to spread the word! My sister son, Daniel Joseph Baker, is performing tonight on NBC's America's Got Talent. He's in the first round, trying to make it to the top 16. He's an exceptional singer and performer and we are getting the word out to everyone we know so you can watch and vote! It starts at 8 PM mountain time, but I am not sure what time it starts in other NBC markets. PLEASE take a moment to watch and vote for him either by calling, text, or going online to and casting your vote. I believe you can vote 10 times per method. VOTE DANIEL JOSEPH BAKER on America's Got Talent!

Thank You!!!!

PS Here is his bio and link on the AGT website

***my sis sent out this email and I am re-posting. Thanks Cam!**

Angie {and the baby named Milo}

I really love Angie. She's one of my favorite people on the planet. You probably already love her too. See her amazingness HERE. That little belly she has is turning into a real-life baby in just a few weeks. Her twins are stinking I'm guessing Mr. Milo is going to be cute too. I want him to come out right now.

I hate to wait. Here's the fun we had today. {make sure to enjoy the video at the end of this post! (that means YOU, google reader people) We think we're verrrry funny}

Easy,Breezy,BEAUTIFUL? from Sara Boulter on Vimeo.

2nd Shooter {JULY 10th}

I'm looking for someone fabulous to 2nd shoot with me on July 10th for a couple hours {wedding reception.} Email me a link to your portfolio before July 7th.

Any takers!?

Brush Bath and Beyond {way beyond}

Here's another installment of WOMEN WHO ROCK.

Meet Linzy.


She's the amazing woman behind the most fantastic grooming business this side of the Mississippi.

Do you have a dog that needs a hair-cut? Or do you have a cat that sheds and needs a seriously gooood brushing? I bet you have a llama that needs a trim! I knew it.

Call her. Email her. Give your pet some LOVE.

Linzy has a deep love for animals and she's passionate about life. It shows in everything she does...including her life at home. She's a single mama, and she works her tail off to take care of her sweet little red-headed boy, Xander. I recently had the chance to photograph Linzy and check out her groovy grooming salon. I loved watching her do her thing. I swear, she was born to groom!

Tell Linzy I sent you and get 20% off your first visit.

I know, right!?