USB Memory Direct

Full disclosure, I’m lucky to partner with this awesome company! They asked me to review their product and give an honest review. So I’m gonna!

First things first….if you are a photographer and you’re offering your clients files on a USB, you’re gonna want to read this!

Here’s the skinny….I give them a 9 out of 10. And the only reason it’s not a 10 is because I’m a picky little lady. :)



I was most impressed with their customer service. Taylor was extremely kind, prompt, competent and made the whole process easy as pie. Yay!

They have a huge selection of customizable USB’s and I was able to put my logo on the USB of my choice, double yay!

The actual product is a fantastic quality and I’ve been able to load images quickly, without data compression and zero technology error so far.

Their price is totally reasonable and their website is insanely easy to navigate. Awesome.

Okay, the CONS:

…and there’s only one. I LOVE being able to wow my clients, and how I was attempting that before now was to have THEIR name on the USB’s…that can get expensive when you order one design at a time. Using my logo on a bunch of USB’s makes the price go down (buying in bulk, y’all!) so when I say the price is reasonable, IT IS! But buying one at a time is going to be pricey. But that said, they still have a wide variety of options, and it’s worth your time checking out what USB works for you.

Thanks USB Memory Direct! I dig your product.