Miss America {mark my words}

This beautiful girl is doing some pretty incredible things, I tell you. She's currently Miss Utah County, and after she wins Miss Utah, she'll be crowned Miss America. AND THEN SHE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Just you wait. I said it first. (Maybe her Mom and Dad said it first, but they don't count. I'm a professional, you know.)

The day we shot these, it was FREEZING! And WINDY! And Lauren didn't complain one single second. Even when I made her change behind a tree. Even when she had to walk through mud in heels. And even when her face went numb from the cold. She laughed through the whole session and made it so fun. Shooting in crummy conditions can be so stressful, but she had the best attitude. EVAR.

Fo. Real. Gooooood egg, this one.

March's Bride {Alex}

Isn't Alex beautiful? I love that she was "sans groom" for this session. She wants to keep her gorgeousness a surprise for her man. So traditional, and so awesome. You're gonna knock his socks off, missy! Hey, Brock...if you're reading this. Divert your eyes. Look away! Do it. T-minus 19 days!!!!!!

. . . . . . . . . . .