The spring-time blossoms are blooming, folks! It's picture time! I have 6 spots available. Email me if you want one for your family! Mmmm, can't wait to see you.

B.T.Dub's...I'm thinking this round of sessions will be country, orchard-blossom awesomeness. If you want an urban/downtown vibe, email me and if there's enough interest I'll make another date for it!

Makenna {little lovey}

Makenna's daddy is in the airforce. And he's been gone a long time. But he's coming home soooooon! While he's been away, this little thing has gone and grown up!! And she's my niece. And her mama is my sister. And I could stare at this face all day long. And I shot these bright and early Monday morning...when the weather was nice. So there.

Also, can I PLEASE get a shout out from any photographers reading this who are also fried from a busy fall season? Has your brain exploded? Are you as behind as I am? Fess up! I want to know your deepest darkest....so I can feel better about my insanity. :) Ready, go.

She grow'd Up! {baby Reese}

I always love when my clients come back through-out their babies first year. Erin brought Reese {this baby} back to me for her one year session and I was thrilled to see how much she's grown. Those curls! Those blue eyes! That sassy personality! I cracked up through the whole session. This one below might be my favorite. The best part? Mama is cooking me another gorgeous baby to photograph! Wahoo! Can't wait Erin!!! Congrats!!!

One picture is better than none pictures right!? Its that time of year again....I'm up to my eyeballs in editing and shooting, and I'm super behind. Thanks to all my wonderful clients for being patient! I'm headed out of town for a couple days, but when I get back, I'm locking myself in my office and I'm not leaving till I'm overly caught-up. Ugh! Really though, I'm so thankful for my job. Anyone wanna come and work for me this fall? Anyone? Anyone?! Bueller? Bueller? No seriously, I need an intern. If you want the job, email me. :)

I'm almost booked for the year. If you want a session in 2011, Pa---leeeeeze email me now!