My Oliver {and his lady friend}

Oh Quinn....she is a saucy minx. Is 6 years old too young to know who you will love for the rest of your life? Meh. Oliver is convinced he's found "the one." I need to record him talking about her. Its the cutest thing, ever. They are so kissy kissy. They've been like this since they were born. Seriously. Cracks me up. Its funny, cause they're 6. But I'm thinking it isn't gonna be funny and cute for much longer and I'm gonna have to separate their kissyness. Hahah. Actual conversation Quinn had with her mom:

Quinn: What's a Casanova? Mom: It's a guy who is really smooth with the ladies. Quinn: Oliver is a Casanova! Mom: Haha. Yes he is. Quinn: He is TOTALLY a Casanova.

Yeah. We are in trouble with those two. But if my kid marries my best friends daughter, I will not be mad at that...nope!

I was shooting some new shots for Quinn's portfolio {look at her face, of COURSE she models} and Oliver jumped in for an impromptu shoot with the both of them. These were all taken within about 5 minutes and I'm dying over the results. I gave them zero direction...this is them, through and through. Yeah, we are totally in trouble. Ahhhh, young love.

Boots & Ice-cream {my niece, in New York}

I recently returned from a quick little jaunt to Rochester, NY. I photographed a wedding, and some amazing families. AND this little nut! She's my sister's baby (soon to be BIG sister) Lillian. The great thing about these pictures is that somehow I got her to smile for me, even though I'm not her favorite's actually pretty funny, her not liking me. She'll come around, though. It's a phase, right!? I think she's a doll and one day we'll be friends. One day, I tell you. And there better be ice-cream then, too. :)

This is part one of my shoot with Lillian. More coming this week! I'm about to be a blogging fool! Just you wait. The drought is overrrrrr!

My Boy {and his friends}

I spent a morning last week with my friends, Angie and Erin, and our kiddos. We might have been a little crazy to attempt this session with FOUR 4-year olds. Yowza! Angie shot pictures, I shot some pictures and video, and Erin attempted to keep everyone entertained with her best poo-poo and pee-pee jokes. It was such fun! I could spend all day, every day in that orchard o' mine. (I call it mine, but it's sooo not. :) ) I absolutely love all the genuine smiles and laughs we were able to capture. It was such a crazy time with lots of wonderful chaos, that I didn't get as much video footage as I would have liked...but it's cute anyway. I'm excited to offer another option for my clients. I've been shooting a lot of video lately. It's been fun to get still pictures AND images with movement. If you're interested, email me and I'll send you over video options for your next photoshoot. :) I'll be launching video sessions in 2011. Woot woot!

Here's their quick little video I put together....(if you're viewing in "reader" make sure to click to the original post to view the video!)

Four Adored from Sara Boulter on Vimeo.

The extradordinary Mindy Gledhill.... Get her music in your ears right now!

Oregon Coast {some trip highlights}

Three words: Best. Trip. Evar.

The Oregon coast truly is heaven on earth. I had SO much fun and got a much needed break from work. I went with 3 of my favorite women (sister-in-law and 2 friends) and we laughed ourselves silly the entire time. I came home happy....happy to be a woman, happy to have such great friends, happy to be comfortable in my own skin, happy to have made the most wonderful memories...happy. 

Here are a FEW images from my favorite moments.....{poorly timed self-timers included :) }