Pretty Busy {she's pretty, I'm busy}

So where have I been? I've been crazy busy. You know the kind of busy I'm talking about......the pneumonia-strep-car wreck-funeral-vacation-weddings-internet crisis-9 shoots in one week-moving my studio office-casting call-family in town-mentoring-hanging out by my pool because it's summertime-kind of busy...right? Ugh! All I can say is that my husband is a freakin' rock star. Amen. So here I am. Miss me? Not so much? Leave a comment...tell me either way. :)

I have purposely scheduled some time off this week to catch up. The blog is on my list of "git er' dun" stuff. I'm going to be a blogging fool! Just you wait. I'll show you.

Here's Katie. I really dig her. She's from Alaska. She came down for senior pictures and for a girls trip. Lucky girl! Now that she's home again, I'm going to email her and ask her to send me a moose.