Brush Bath and Beyond {way beyond}

Here's another installment of WOMEN WHO ROCK.

Meet Linzy.


She's the amazing woman behind the most fantastic grooming business this side of the Mississippi.

Do you have a dog that needs a hair-cut? Or do you have a cat that sheds and needs a seriously gooood brushing? I bet you have a llama that needs a trim! I knew it.

Call her. Email her. Give your pet some LOVE.

Linzy has a deep love for animals and she's passionate about life. It shows in everything she does...including her life at home. She's a single mama, and she works her tail off to take care of her sweet little red-headed boy, Xander. I recently had the chance to photograph Linzy and check out her groovy grooming salon. I loved watching her do her thing. I swear, she was born to groom!

Tell Linzy I sent you and get 20% off your first visit.

I know, right!?