Ask me anything {updated}


I really, truly appreciate the huge response and am feeling all sorts of gratitude that I have such great followers on this here blog a' mine.

I got a big ol' list of questions that need some attention. Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I answer them all. I hope you all find value in what I have to say.



I get a lot of photography related questions via email. I can't always reply to everyone and the guilt is wearing on me. I thought I'd try a little see if I can get rid of all the guilt, you see.

So, here's the skinny...

For the next 24 hours, you can ask me ANYTHING. It can be a question about photography, about photoshop, about mentoring, about posing, lighting, business, or even about my cuter-than-cute little boy, Oliver. Or maybe you have a question about why I limp, why I'm so short or why I still look like I'm 15? Wanna know my deep, dark secrets? {I don't think I have any..hmmm...I'll make something up.}

I will answer every question, as best I can, that comes in for the next 24 hrs. I'll compile all the questions and do a post with the answers on Friday.

Leave a comment with your question, or send an email, or use the contact tab above to send it in.

This little hoo-ha ends on Thursday 4/29/10 at 2pm MST.

Totally unrelated, but stinkin' cute.....chiggity check this out.