Allee {with a side of Yale}

Yale is my brother in law.  He's dating this beautiful girl, Allee, and she is gradutating soon {CONGRATS!} We headed out into the pretty countryside for a photoshoot that rocked my socks off. Allee is one of those really cool girls...the kind that gets along with everyone, the kind you feel like you know instantly, the kind that can wear heels and knows how to shoot a bow when hunting season comes around, the kind that keeps a huge snake in her bedroom {and brought it to this photoshoot for me to snuggle!} and she's the kind of girl that can put up with Yale when he's a stinker.

Dear Yale,

I like Allee. A lot. Keep her. Please.

Love, Sara

Here are a few of my favorites.  Poor them....being smokin' hot and all...sheesh.