New Best Friend

Meet Irelynd.

You have NEVER met anyone like her.

I know I haven't. {Though, my son could possibly be her twin in looks and personality but he's only it doesn't count.}

She is absolutely full of it.

IT = everything that is awesome.

I had a mentoring session today, and Irelynd was our model. I have never met her before and her mama was nice enough to bring her up to my studio.

I've never laughed so hard during a session. She is witty, clever, sneaky, smart, funny, outgoing, spazzy, and a natural in front of the camera. This girl can go from serious to hilarious with a snap of my finger. Every pose was hers. I could barely keep up with her! What a dream to photograph! I am still cracking up about her. I begged her to be my friend and to hang out with me. She said yes and I'm counting down the days till we can hang out again. Oh how I love that Irelynd. A whole lot.