This is not the official announcement I had hoped to give....

I'm not dead.

I left on my trip without saying goodbye! So sorry! The weeks leading up to our trip were INSANE! I still haven't recovered.

To sum up....

We've gone to see ALL 50 STATES!

I've been blogging about our adventure (HERE) when I've been able to find an internet connection. I have been away from email for over a week and it's driving me nuts! I can do a few things from my phone and sometimes we can get cell service. It's been super frustrating. If you've tried to reach me, please email me or call me again. I know there are emails I'm not getting and calls that aren't coming though.

We are in Alaska now, and will be in Seattle on Thursday. I'm hoping I will have internet and phone then. It's funny how disconnected I feel without this stuff.

Anyway, it's tricky to blog right now. I will spew out all the details of where I am and what the heck I'm doing when I can find a better connection.

Hopefully I haven't lost all of you. Still there? :)