Love for Brian

This is Brian Cardall. He is related to my family through marriage. Brian was tragically and unexpectedly killed this week. He leaves behind his wife, Anna and their two year old child. Anna is 6 months pregnant.

Brian's death has rocked us all. You can read his story here:

His Brothers Blog

I'm sure none of us can even begin to imagine what life will now be like for Anna and these two sweet children who have lost their father. In moments like this, we wonder what we can do. Words fail us, yet we try to speak words of comfort. Our arms are heavy with responsibilities, yet we reach them out a little further to hug or hold on, that we may comfort.
There is memorial fund for Anna and Ava and the baby that is coming. This is another way we can try to help. Please donate by contacting either Wells Fargo or Mountain America Credit Union; the fund is called The Brian Cardall Memorial Fund.
Even $1, $5, or $10 will make a difference. It doesn't bring Brian back, but it is a way that we can reach out to offer our compassion and our condolence.
Please, give what you can. And put your arms around your loved ones tonight.