Time to say Thanks!

I have a bad little habit (obsession) of checking my web stats...you know, who is looking at my blog, where you are you coming from, how many times do you come back every day etc. I check my tracker all too often and sometimes I have to force myself not to look at it because I know I'll get lost in YOUR blogs. FUN READS!

Anyway, I want to THANK YOU all for all the visits, comments and blog love.

Here's the dealio.... The blogger who sends the most UNIQUE* hits to my blog from theirs, wins! Contest ends in 1 week. (6/11/09) Winners will be announced 6/12/09.

What do you win?
1st place: A free child session with me + $100 print credit

2nd place: $100 print credit for a future session with me.

3rd place: $25 print/session credit

How do you enter?
First, leave a comment and tell me you're entering the contest.

Second, link my blog in some form or another to yours. You can put me in your sidebar, make a post about SBP etc... Just link my blog to yours. Easy Peeeezy!

*You can't win by clicking your own link over and over. I can track IP addresses, so don't be trying to cheat you big cheater pants. :)