Hiya hot-stuff

Once upon a time, I was in over my head with work and so my blog suffered a little. Hopefully there are still a few of you out there! Leave me some love, let me know you're there!!!!

Here is some recents and some of my Disneyland action with the fam. Enjoy!

Are all twins this sassy? They are so full of it!


Day two of the "cotton candy and other sugary bits" diet. He was in heaven.
getting our disney on

Oh my Oliver.....He's my favorite.
Getting our O disney on

Okay, so and explanation is in order....here is my BOY and his PRINCESS balloon. This is evidence that we spoiled him rotton on this trip. This is the balloon he picked, and while he is ALL BOY 99% of the time...sometimes he likes to get his princess on. He likes hot chicks in big dresses, can you blame him?
getting our disney on 2