Off and running....

So it's finally here! The triathalon day has arrived. I fly out tomorrow. I'm headed to Texas to compete in the Athens tri. I'm anxious and VERY excited. I've trained hard and hopefully my work will pay off.
Here's a personal tid-bit about me (I don't ever share too much about myself, but here I go...)

I have so many beliefs about what I'm capable of, what I'm not capable of etc. I have this fake hip and dang-it, it gets in my way sometimes! I'm ready to let go of the "I can'ts" and realize the power within me. For some, it may sound cheesy or maybe it's not that big of a deal. For me, it's a HUGE deal. I cannot wait to cross that finish line and kiss the ground. I've had voices (internal and external) in my ear telling me that I'm not capable, not enough. I know in my heart that I am and I'm excited to have some proof after Saturday's race.

So, wish me luck and get excited for some Texas pictures when I get home.

Also, this means I'm "out of the office" till Tuesday. I'll return all calls and emails upon my return. YAHOO!!!! Go me!