Meet, Michelle and Annette

These girls had me cracking up the entire session! What a fun job I have.

Let me tell you a little about these amazing women. Ever heard of Miche Bags? Go HERE to learn about this clever little product that you NEED right now. I'm telling you, they're the most incredible hand bags. Michelle and Annette are the inventors/creators/founders of Miche Bags and I must say, I'm beyond impressed with them. I dig women who are passionate, creative and successful. Michelle and Annette are definitely all that and a bag of chips. Now, finish looking at their pictures and go get yourself a Miche. Seriously. Now.

Michelle came to me for some updated pictures for their website. They should add "gorgeous" to their list of credentials don't you think?

...a little outtake. They Loooooooove each other. :)