My Oliver {and his lady friend}

Oh Quinn....she is a saucy minx. Is 6 years old too young to know who you will love for the rest of your life? Meh. Oliver is convinced he's found "the one." I need to record him talking about her. Its the cutest thing, ever. They are so kissy kissy. They've been like this since they were born. Seriously. Cracks me up. Its funny, cause they're 6. But I'm thinking it isn't gonna be funny and cute for much longer and I'm gonna have to separate their kissyness. Hahah. Actual conversation Quinn had with her mom:

Quinn: What's a Casanova? Mom: It's a guy who is really smooth with the ladies. Quinn: Oliver is a Casanova! Mom: Haha. Yes he is. Quinn: He is TOTALLY a Casanova.

Yeah. We are in trouble with those two. But if my kid marries my best friends daughter, I will not be mad at that...nope!

I was shooting some new shots for Quinn's portfolio {look at her face, of COURSE she models} and Oliver jumped in for an impromptu shoot with the both of them. These were all taken within about 5 minutes and I'm dying over the results. I gave them zero direction...this is them, through and through. Yeah, we are totally in trouble. Ahhhh, young love.