Chubba Love {little buddy}

I want to eat this baby. Every last yummy inch of him. Seriously. He's so squishy. My little boy never got this chubby. What's up with that!? This is only a tiny peek at his cuteness. He has 3 siblings that will make their blog debut later this week. One thing I know for sure, this baby is LOVED. So so so loved. I loved watching the whole family interact with him. And even though he remained quite serious for most of the shots, let me assure you, he is one happy little man. We ALL tried to get him to smile and I imagine the 6 of us looked hilarious jumping up and down and making googley sounds. He just stared at us. So funny. Also, he doesn't have a name yet! Ha! He was born one name, then they changed it, and now they're changing it again. I think it's awesome and funny. A name is important! For now, he's little buddy. And it's perfect for him don't you think!?