Room Recipes {i shoot homes!}

I am so proud to share this! I've been busy working on a project and its finally here! You may have seen some peeks of it on my instagram. I had the awesome privilege of collaborating with Tonya Olsen and Liv Showroom this past year. When Tonya asked me to photograph a book she was writing, I jumped at the opportunity. I LOVE interior design, and the chance to marry my two creative passions was so exciting. I got to photograph the book AND include 3 of the rooms I designed in my house in the book, too. Woooooot! Bucket List-CHECK! Room Recipes is "a creative and stylish guide to interior design." Its a gorgeous coffee table book and is FULL of amazing ideas and creative inspiration. So much heart, so much work, so much love...I poured it all into this book. Everyone did. And after I got my first glimpse of it yesterday {I picked up a huge box of copies of RR at the publisher-squeeling and tears of joy were involved} all the hard work was finally worth it. Its really a beautiful book. I'm humbled and proud all at the same time.

I'd love for you to have a copy! You can purchase it online, or in stores. BUT I'd love to send you one with a love note (hubba hubba) from me. You can send $26 to via and I'll send you my little labor of love. Make sure to include your shipping address!

Thanks for all the love, everyone. Your support means so much to me.


The spring-time blossoms are blooming, folks! It's picture time! I have 6 spots available. Email me if you want one for your family! Mmmm, can't wait to see you.

B.T.Dub's...I'm thinking this round of sessions will be country, orchard-blossom awesomeness. If you want an urban/downtown vibe, email me and if there's enough interest I'll make another date for it!

My Oliver {and his lady friend}

Oh Quinn....she is a saucy minx. Is 6 years old too young to know who you will love for the rest of your life? Meh. Oliver is convinced he's found "the one." I need to record him talking about her. Its the cutest thing, ever. They are so kissy kissy. They've been like this since they were born. Seriously. Cracks me up. Its funny, cause they're 6. But I'm thinking it isn't gonna be funny and cute for much longer and I'm gonna have to separate their kissyness. Hahah. Actual conversation Quinn had with her mom:

Quinn: What's a Casanova? Mom: It's a guy who is really smooth with the ladies. Quinn: Oliver is a Casanova! Mom: Haha. Yes he is. Quinn: He is TOTALLY a Casanova.

Yeah. We are in trouble with those two. But if my kid marries my best friends daughter, I will not be mad at that...nope!

I was shooting some new shots for Quinn's portfolio {look at her face, of COURSE she models} and Oliver jumped in for an impromptu shoot with the both of them. These were all taken within about 5 minutes and I'm dying over the results. I gave them zero direction...this is them, through and through. Yeah, we are totally in trouble. Ahhhh, young love.